Frequently asked questions

Should I sign up before I come?

We are always welcoming new visitors! You never have to commit to anything by signing up! You can just check our calendar and pop in whenever you feel comfortable. If you'd like, you can give us a heads up that you're coming by emailing us!

What are the meetings like?

We always start with a game that involves some form of action, mostly silly games. We then sit down and talk about that week's lesson. We do a number of activities and we also have lots of discussion about God and his impact in our lives.

Do I have to commit to anything if I come?

Of course not! We would love for you to join us every week but we understand that life happens. You don't have to commit to anything, just join us whenever you can or you feel drawn to!

Do I have to pay anything?

Nope! This organization is totally free! When we go out and do activities like paintball, or to see a movie, or anything that costs money we do ask to pay for yourself but we can always step in if there is an issue!

Do I have to be involved with the church?

Nope. We love meeting new people! A lot of our members actually don't go to our church!

Do I have to be a Presbyterian?

Nope. We accept everyone from every walk of life!

Do I have to believe in God?

Actually no, you don't! Our members are in different parts of their faith journeys! Not all of our members believe in God. We accept everyone that is willing to have some fun and maybe open up during our discussion time with different perspectives!


151 Noblestown Road

Carnegie PA 15106

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